Traditional seasonal recipes, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Cooking Classes

We present unique opportunities that aren’t available from cooking schools in Chiang Mai city – a fully functioning organic farm set on five acres of land.

We operate one to one classes, family classes as well as group classes on request. We have the ability to facilitate up to 14 students at a time using the single cooking stations, or 28 if we have two students per cooking station for larger classes.

Visiting Schools

Thai cooking classes for visiting schools students. Learn to make your own curry paste or coconut cream, cook several recipes and then feast together with your friends.

A half-day program with one pre-cooking choice of activity:

  1. Farm visit: collect vegetables to cook from the Traidhos farm
  2. Market visit: try cooked food and insects at a traditional local market

Adult Cooking

Thai cooking classes for parents or tourists.

Our cooking classes are very popular because you can create your own class, by selecting the menu you would like to cook.

The class includes a selected recipe booklet and souvenir apron.


Thai, Asian or baking classes planned according to the campers’ age and camp schedule.

This activity is very popular among the campers and suitable for students with no previous experience in the kitchen.

Campers eat their cooking at the end of the class.

Exploria (Prem students)

3.00 - 4.00 pm every day.

Choose from: Thai Cooking, Asian Cooking or Easy Baking.

Learn how to use knives and equipment properly, experience different techniques and processes and after cooking, taste their own food.

Curricula (Prem students)

Classes are planned in conjunction with the class teacher so that classroom learning is extended through hands-on cooking experience.

Fantastic hands-on learning experiences


New Cooking Garden

Nearby the Cooking Sala, we have a small area that we designed to make a herb garden. We grow vegetables that are very useful in our cooking such as basil, chili, aloe vera etc. As well as herbs, we also have an edible flower area that students can use to decorate their food when they have finished cooking.

Compost Area

Beside the Cooking Sala, we have prepared the box for students to compost food waste. Students will realize about the cycle of waste. Moreover, we found that composting can divert as much as 30% of food waste away from the garbage can.

Sustainable Products

The Cooking Academy makes Effective Micro-organism (EM) and uses this to make bio-degradable soaps and cleaners. These are used in the Cooking Academy and are sold at Community Market.

Community Market Day

Every first Friday in every month, we have Friday Community Market where you can come to buy local vegetables from the farmers around campus and also sustainable soap or cooked food. On market day the Cooking Academy will prepare cooked food, snacks or herbal teas to sell.

Students Leaders

The Cooking Academy encourages participants to take responsibility for their learning, including responsibility for cleaning all equipment during the class. Opportunity is given to students who want to develop as leaders during CAS programmes. Cooking staff work with these students to help them plan and facilitate activities.

Gathering, Cooking and Feasting


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Learn traditional Thai and sustainable cooking skills

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